A vision statement answers the question "What?"

What are we here to do; What do we hope to accomplish in the end; What do we want others to be able to see overall.

The vision statement of any group is generally very concrete. It is reviewed so that others can connect with it but it does not change often. It will last for decades!

The Vision Statement of Agape is:

"Strengthening Families, One Individual at a Time"


Mission and purpose are synonymous terms. A mission/purpose statement answers the question “Why?”

When someone reads a mission/purpose statement, there should be no question as to why Agape exists.

The mission does not generally change often either. Therefore it may change if there is a more effective way to communicate the purpose.

Currently the Mission Statement reads:

“We support and strengthen those we encounter by facilitating a process whereby they will achieve optimal growth and development.”

After reviewing it, the suggested mission statement reads:

“Agape Counseling exists to help people in need get in the best position to maximize their growth and reach their full potential.”

Basically, we work together to make sure that families receive what they need to succeed. We do this by developing programs that highlight our core values.

Core Values.

Core values answer the question "How?"

How do we plan out "What?" and "Why?"

The core values are your programs.

Your core values  - programs - may change for many reasons. These changes may occur if he needs of the group change or as you evaluate the effectiveness of your programs.

The programs of any company are directly impacted by its values and the ability of employees to embrace those values. Without strong core values you cannot have strong programs.

Agape's Core Values are:

Service, Integrity, Family, Fellowship, and Training