Mental Health Skill Building

Agape Counseling and Therapeutic Services Inc. offers Mental Health Skill-Building Services (MHSS), which is a training service for individuals with significant mental illness. The service is designed to train individuals in functional skills and appropriate behaviors related to the individual’s health and safety, activities of daily living, and use of community resources. In addition assistance with medication management; and monitoring health, nutrition, and physical condition is provided. MHSS is intended to enable individuals with significant mental illness to achieve and maintain community stability and independence in the most appropriate, least restrictive environment (as defined by the Department of Medical Assistance Services).

Our Methods

  • Assessments are performed by Licensed Mental Health Professionals or Licensed Eligible Mental Health Professionals to address the client’s needs and strengths. This will ensure that realistic and achievable goals are set.
  • All clients are given an appropriate assessment of their eligibility to receive services, including admission and exclusion criteria, as well as all applicable federal, state, and agency guidelines.
  • A treatment plan is designed to meet the individual client’s needs. This plan will incorporate other community agencies to give the client the broadest spectrum of support.
  • Support services are provided to assist the client with maintaining the highest level of independent living possible.
  • Services are periodically assessed to address the individuals changing needs.
  • We work with clients who are 16 years old and older.

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