Therapeutic Day Treatment

The ACTS Day Treatment program provides services to children and adolescents who demonstrate behavioral, learning, and/or socialization difficulties in the school setting. A plethora of causes may contribute to these difficulties such as: mental illness, emotional dis-regulation, lack of appropriate functional skills, and/or deficits in attentiveness.

ACTS staff of counselors will provide a combination of diagnostic assessments, case management services, life skills training, individual as well as group counseling, classroom observation, crisis management, and family sessions for all enrolled students. Enrolled participants have the benefit of being in the school setting where assigned ACTS counselors are able to respond immediately to their clinical and behavioral needs.

Students in this program can expect to gain insight into behaviors, see marked improvements in social and interpersonal relationships, experience a decrease in the need for disciplinary actions both in school and at home, and exercise overall improved judgment in decision making.

Community Based Services are offered to students who are either living in an area where in school services are not available or the family prefers services be provided in the community setting.

The community based program allows students an opportunity to receive therapeutic services before and/or after school and during the summer. This program includes participation in therapeutic and psycho-educational groups, school interventions, individual therapy, monitored socialization activities, and opportunities to safely demonstrate learned skills while in the community and with peers.

Students enrolled in the community based day treatment program can expect to see the same improvements as their counterparts who participate in the school based program. The most significant difference between the two aside from location of service provision is the opportunity for students in the community based program to engage in treatment activities surrounded only by other enrolled participants as opposed to being in the school building amongst the entire student body.

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