Strengthening Families, One Individual at a Time

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Agape Counseling andTherapeutic Services, Inc.

Agape Counseling and Therapeutic Services, Inc. (ACTS), founded on the Virginia Peninsula in February 2000, provides comprehensive and multi-faceted counseling services. The primary goal is to equip the Client with the necessary tools and skills to improve their quality of life. ACTS provides counseling to individuals from ages four to 99+.

The Counseling Process At a Glance


1. Full diagnostic testing and assessments performed to address the client’s needs and strengths.  This will ensure that realistic and achievable goals are met.


2.  All clients are given an appropriate assessment of their eligibility to receive services for admission and exclusion criteria as well as all applicable federal, state and agency guidelines.


Intervention3.  A plan of clinical intervention is individually designed to meet the client’s needs.  Clients receive comprehensive family-focused in-home and/or outpatient care through sound therapeutic practice.  This plan will incorporate other community agencies to give the clients’ the broadest spectrum. 
Family4.Clinical services are provided to work toward preserving and restoring integrity of the home and family.  Once the clinical plan is completed, then services would be assessed for continuation or termination.